In 1991 Télérama magazine consecrated the cover to Corto Maltese. 27 years after, Hugo Pratt’s hero is once again the main character of the May issue 3566. The magazine contains an editorial and two articles. ...


22 May 2018

The secret Venice of Corto Maltese

Based on Hugo Pratt’s work Accompanied by Corto Maltese, emblematic comic strip character, and his creator, the ...


8 May 2018

Lyon BD festival, the exhibition «Corto Maltese by Rubén Pellejero and Juan Díaz Canales»

The thirteenth edition of Lyon BD Festival (Lyon Comics Festival) will be held ...


2 May 2018

From April 29th the newspaper Ethnos will be on sale with two stories of Pratt’s Corto Maltese

The Secret of Tristan Bantam and Rendez-vous in Bahia. Two classic stories of ...