NEWS, THE EXHIBITION IS NOW ON STAGE! FROM 19 TH, MAY 2021 UNTILL 6TH, FEBRUARY 2022 At the Museum of Aquitaine in Bordeaux, has landed the installation of “Lignes d’horizons”, the exhibition dedicated to Hugo Pratt based on an original concept by Cong SA. After the great ...


25 September 2020

The secret Venice of Corto Maltese, in the footsteps of Hugo Pratt

A Guide to Venice’s Hidden Charms and Little Known Itineraries in ...


30 August 2020

Corto Maltese – Mu, the lost continent

Corto Maltese – MU the lost continent Available on 11th August, 2020 “They still don’t understand that the ...


21 May 2020


The Man From the Great North (Jesuit Joe), Hugo Pratt

A provocative story whose protagonist is a seemingly wanton murderer driven by a religious obsession with the ...


7 May 2020

Corto Maltese is back with ‘Tarowean’s Day’ all over the world

November 1st is Tarowean’s day, or, the day of surprises. Just like that, ...