5 November 2018

Corto Maltese – Mū

Corto Maltese – Mū

Available on 6th November, 2018

“They still don’t understand that the best answers are the ones you give when there  are no questions. Intolerant old fogies!”
– Corto Maltese

A submerged continent is not a land to discover, but a question to leave unanswered. No one knows this better than Corto Maltese who, although many years have passed, has always defended tooth and nail his right to live in his own imagination. But when he finds himself on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in search of Mū, a mythological land swallowed up by water, his companions of adventure would like to infect him with their thirst for conquest.

Having risked his life on the seas and in trenches and deserts all over the world, Hugo’s Corto ends his long career with a mellow good-bye to reality.

Publisher: Rizzoli Lizard
184 in black and white pages
ISBN: 9788817105767
Format: 21×28 – Bound
Language: Italian
Euro: 25,00

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