5 November 2018

Corto Maltese – The secret rose

Corto Maltese – The secret rose

Available on 6th November, 2018

“It often happens that i’ve forgotten the first word by the time i get to the last one of the same line. Sleepiness is a big thief.”
– Corto Maltese

A quiet stay in Switzerland opens the door to a surprising exploration of the subconscious. The myths of Parsifal and the Holy Grail, the wanderings of Hermann Hesse, and the Middle-European alchemical tradition weave their way into Corto Maltese’s path in a journey that begins on the pages of an ancient poem.

A story dedicated to the magic of reading and of its symbols, in which Pratt makes his eternal curiosity dance, and ties together the plots of thousand-year-old legends. As he himself said: “I wanted to tell myself this fable and leave a testament of all those things that have been important to me.”

Publisher: Rizzoli Lizard
88 in black and white pages
ISBN: 9788817105750
Format: 21×28 – Bound
Language: Italian
Euro: 22,00

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