Equatoria (2017)

Scripted by Juan Díaz Canales
Drawn by Rubén Pellejero

Equatoria has been pre-published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica in 10 detachable inserts and in France in the magazine Le Figaro for 10 weeks in a row, both of them during Summer of 2017.

A false letter, a king that no one has ever seen, and a magic mirror: three clues for an unforgettable adventure that will cause Corto Maltese to cross his destiny with that of young Churchill, the poet Kavafis, and a handful of women who are decidedly out of the ordinary. On the 50th anniversary of his creation, Corto revisits the landmarks that distinguished the life of his creator: from Venice with its mysteries to the heart of colonial Africa, a fascinating reconnaissance into the places of Hugo Pratt’s memories.