Under the Midnight Sun (2015)

Scripted by Juan Diaz Canales
Drawn by Rubén Pellejero

The story, entitled Under the Midnight Sun, was scripted by Juan Diaz Canales, who wrote the popular noir series Blacksad, and drawn by Rubén Pellejero, co-creator with Jorge Zentner of Dieter Lumpen, an adventurer born in the Eighties and inspired in his own way by none other than Pratt’s anti-hero.

1915, North America. The legendary Gold Rush is only a memory; on the horizon the first shots of the Great War are flaring. In the midst of racial tensions and breathtaking views, Corto passes through a magical and unforgiving land, bearing a message that his friend Jack London wants delivered to a sweetheart of his youth. In exchange, the writer has promised Corto a new adventure and a mysterious treasure.