25 July 2018

Adventure women by Hugo Pratt with Michel Pierre

The hidden sides of the women who inhabit the world created by Hugo Pratt.

In bookstores from 07/17/2018

Always secondary characters in adventure novels, as damsels in distress, angelical saints or naked and crude objects of desire. In Pratt’s made up world however, women have always been the protagonists, often more courageous and determined than their male counterparts. From Pandora to Bocca Dorata, from Anna Livingston to Madame Java, in this book Pratt has decided to explore, the female figures which have marked Corto Maltese’s life and the rest of its production. An unmissable gallery of images, notes and private letters which reveal the hidden aspects of these women. Hidden aspects in which rest new sides of Corto’s biography revealing the modernity of its creator.

Rizzoli Lizard

Pages: 224, ill.


EAN: 9788817099981


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