27 September 2018



Available from October, 2018

“In this city, incredible things happen.”

– Corto Maltese

Venice is a magical place, full of hidden treasures. Included among these is Solomon’s Collarbone, a priceless emerald that has strange powers, and that is sought after by an eccentric scholar from London known as Baron Corvo. The Collarbone, indeed, is not only a precious gem, but also a talisman capable of opening the doors of the occult, a fetish that many find tempting.

In the lagoon city’s tangle of alleys, Corto will have to grapple with strange Freemasons, unusual adventurers, born again philosophers, and arrogant fascists, in a tale that travels on the border between dream and reality.

In this affectionate tribute to his hometown, Hugo Pratt offers a complex mystery thriller involving Freemasons, occultists, and esotericists set during the rise of Fascism in 1921. Corto Maltese’s return to Venice is ostensibly a search for an emerald known as the Clavicle of Solomon, but by the end he is left questioning whether the object of his quest will open the hidden doors of magic and unravel the nature of time and space in this city of secrets… or if it’s merely “the stuff that dreams are made of,” as was the black bird of Dashiell Hammett’s novel featuring another Maltese

IDW Publishing, San Diego, CA
TPB, B&W, 9.25″ x 11.625″, 64 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63140-926-4
Available since September 2017








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