8 May 2018

Lyon BD festival, the exhibition «Corto Maltese by Rubén Pellejero and Juan Díaz Canales»

The thirteenth edition of Lyon BD Festival (Lyon Comics Festival) will be held on the 8th and 10th of June 2018. Alongside this weekend open to the general public, there will be a special day for professionals on Friday the 8th of June.

Throughout the month, the whole city will be buzzing around this comics gathering: fifty or so venues, including the biggest cultural institutions
in Lyon and the surrounding area, will be hosting events, exhibitions and shows for the festival’s “off-programme”. An original creation by the authors, this dynamic and contemporary programme on the ninth art features transdisciplinarity, performance, live entertainment, and an international outlook.

More than 200 authors are expected during the festival weekend and 80,000 festival-goers during the month of June.

Meeting at the Hôtel de Ville (Lyon City Hall)

In resonance with the exhibition, the Lyon Comic Book Festival will hold an exhibition on Rubén Pellejero and Juan Díaz Canales’ interpretation of the Corto Maltese series. The two authors talk about their story and their personal relationship with the work of Hugo Pratt and the world of Corto Maltese. In addition to displaying original plates, the exhibition tells the story of their work on this series through two albums released in recent year Equatoria and Under the Midnight Sun (Casterman, French publishing house).

Lyon BD Festival: 8th and 10th of June 2018 – Hôtel de Ville, Place des Terreaux, Opéra de Lyon, Théâtre Comédie Odéon, Galerie des Terreaux, Musée d’Art Contemporain… An exhibition on the work of Rubén Pellejero and Juan Díaz Canales at Lyon City Hall




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