27 September 2018



Available from October, 2018

“I ran away! I was afraid of dying and i escaped… and i’ll run away any time i want… you can all go to hell!… I’m not a hero…”

– Corto Maltese

A Bedouin who studied at Oxford and a Danakil warrior who chews khat leaves are the ideal companions for crossing the desert of Yemen en route to the Horn of Africa. Along the way, Corto comes across military men with loose whips, raving lunatics, ancient shamans, a sect of leopard men, and even a genuine romantic drama à la Shakespeare.

In these four tales, Corto contends with tremendously real monsters: racism, fundamentalism, and the abuse of power. In the face of such horrors, a free spirit like Corto cannot help but take a stand—the least convenient one.

Publisher: Rizzoli Lizard

104 in black and white pages

ISBN : 9788817105699

Format: 21×28 – Bound

Language: Italian

Euro: 25,00

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