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Terms of use and Privacy

The website registered to the following address, (« Website »), is the exclusive property of CONG SA, a Swiss company whose registered address is Sentier des Vinches 1 – 1091 Grandvaux – SWITZERLAND.
Accessing and browsing onthe Website for a personal use is free. Any use of the Website constitutes the acceptance of the following conditions and legal information by the visitor(s) of the Website (« Visitors »).

By « Visitors » we consider net surfersusing the Website and accessing, deliberately or not, to the homepage of the Website.

1. Purpose and content of the website

1.1. All information and materials on the Website, including any information texts, articles, images, pictures, video, film, movies, drawings, graphs, charts, designs, logos, symbols, trademarks, products or corporate designations (« Content ») are presented for the purpose of providing general information on Hugo Pratt’s work and CONG SA and promoting the activity of CONG SA.

1.2. The Website does not offerany products or services to the Visitor.

1.3. CONG SA reserves the right to amend, supplement or delete the Content in any way, at any time, for any reason and without prior notice.

2. Copyright and others property rights

2.1. The Website, including its corporate identity, style guide, tree view, web pages and software, and all Content are subject to legal protection, in particular copyright, trademarks and design rights.

2.2. All rights to the Site and the Content are held by CONG SA, as an owner or a third party authorized by the owner of such Content concerned.

2.3. Visitors acquire no rights to the Website or the Content contained therein. Visitors may download or print out a hardcopy of sections of the Website, provided that any copyright is not removed. The information, data and Content associated with the lawful use of the Website and its functions may only be used for non-commercial, educational, private or domestic purposes. Use over and above that is only admissible if Cong SA has given express and written consent in advance.

3. Third-part websites

3.1. The Website may contain links to others websites, whichare not owned by CONG SA and are not handled by CONG SA (« Third-party websites »). Third-party websites may also be linked to the Website. Cong SA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for Third-party websites and their operators and the information and / or products or services offered on Third-party websites. CONG SA accepts no responsibility for ensuring that the content of Third-party websitesis correct or lawful. Responsibility for access to linked Third-party websites rests solely with Visitors.

3.2. Any kind of link with Third-party websites cannotbe considered as a mutual promotion activity, neither a promotion of Third-party Websites by the Website nor a promotion of the Website by Third-party websites.

4. E-mail and contact form

4.1. The Website offers Visitors the facility to send e-mails to CONG SA and its staff. The delivery of such e-mails is at risk of Visitors.

4.2. Information of a legal nature, except a reportconcerning a litigious content on the Website, is not valid if sent by email. In particular, any delay in or absence of a reply to e-mail messages sent to CONG SA via the Website may not be construed as consent or rejection with legal effect.

5. Report abuse

5.1. CONG SA invites Visitors to sent immediately a report of any content, which could be considered as illegal, incongruous, wrong, aggressive or crude through the contact form provided on the Website (« Report »).

5.2. Visitors agree to make a responsible use of Report. The delivery of Report is at risk of Visitors.

6. Privacy policy

6.1. Information collected from visitors
Information voluntarily provided by Visitors on the Website and which may be collected and processed by CONG SA are the following:
– Information provided by filling in forms on the Website: first name, last name and email, address;
– Additionalinformation asked by CONG SA orspontaneously provided by the Visitor within the framework of a Report;
– Any content delivered through the contact form provided on the Website. CONG SA uses the right to keep a record of it.

6.2. Cookies
To optimize the use of the Website by Visitors, the Website car use “temporary” cookies, which disappear with the closing of the browser. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. By changing the parameters of their browser, Visitors can also choose to submit each cookie to their authorization. Visitors can also choose not to receive any cookie. However, in that case, the use of the Website may be limited.

6.3. Storage of personal data and transfert of personal data on the website
All information collected by CONG SA is stored in Switzerland by CONG SA on its secure server.
All information is not liable to be transferredoutside Switzerland.

CONG SA commits to do its best efforts to try to prevent unauthorized access to data transmitted to the Website and collected by CONG SA.

6.4. Use made of personal data
CONG SA commits to use data held about the Visitor in the following ways:

– To provide, by email, information requested by the Visitor within the framework of a message delivered through the contact form provided on the Website, including a Report;
– To provide, by email, any kind of information concerningthe activities of CONG SA and its trademarks, events organized by CONG SA or events in which CONG SA takes part, new products or services offered by CONG SA.
– To notify about changes to its privacy policy.

6.5. Disclosure of personal data to third party
CONG SA commits to not disclosure personal data collected to third party, except in the following cases:
– To help CONG SA to administer the Website;
– To provide an additional service asked by Visitors who consents, in that way, that CONG SA may disclosure their personal data to a(n) other(s) company(ies);
– In the event that CONG SA sell or buy any business or assets;
– If CONG SA are under a duty to disclose or share its personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation;
– To protect the rights, property, or safety of CONG SA.

6.6. Personal data and visitor’s rights
Visitors have the right to receive information about their personal data and in which manner CONG SA processes them.
Visitors are also entitled to request rectification or deletion of their personal data, or to withdraw at any time their consent to the data processing of CONG SA.
Any such request must be made in writing to CONG SA Sentier des Vinches 1 – 1091 Grandvaux – SWITZERLAND or through the contact form provided on the Website.

7. Warranty and liability

7.1. Visitors agree that their access and their browsing on the Website are at their own responsibility and at their own risk. CONG SA is not liable for damages, including data lost, which are due to virus or to others detrimental programs, which could affect in any manner software or hardware of Visitors.

7.2. Visitors accept the Website « as delivered » and « as available ». CONG SA does not guarantee trouble-free or uninterrupted access to the Website or the use of its functions. Similarly, CONG SA does not guarantee that the transfer of data is trouble-free and / or uninterrupted.

7.3. CONG SA is not liable in any manner whatsoever for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential losses arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website, including damages (loss of income or profit, loss of commercial data or other consequential losses) resulting from the use of, access to, or inability to use the Website.


8.1. Terms of use
CONG SA reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. Amendments take effect from the date on which they are published on the Website.

8.2 Privacy policy
CONG SA use the right to change its privacy policy and the way of using the data collected.
Any changes CONG SA may make to its Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on the Website and, where appropriate, notified to Visitors by e-mail.

However, personal data already collected will not be use for any purposes other than those which were originally given or which are incompatible with that purpose for which the data was originally collected, without the consent of the Visitor and his prior agreement concerning the new privacy policy.