Alan delle stelle (1948)

Texts by Alberto Ongaro

Drawings by Hugo Pratt (pencil) and Geo Ussardi (inking)

This mini-series is made up of 2 episodes, the first of which came out in 1948.

It is a captivating sci-fi adventure telling the story of a group of terrestrials forced to leave Earth because an ice-age has enveloped the world in its deathly grip. Travelling in rockets, that recall those seen previously in the Flash Gordon comic, Alan and his girlfriend Kirah, together with other friends, finally land on a new planet. Here they come up against alien races (crocodile men) and above all Tiurah, the very beautiful but cruel tyrant that they struggle to defeat. Note: the first episode (Alan delle stelle) (T.N. “Alan from the stars”) came out in news-stands in a classic Italian-style horizontal comic book on 15 January 1948 as part of the edizioni E.S.A, in the Albi Costellazione series. It was widely known that there was a second episode of the story that had remained unpublished for many years. It was not however recovered until the late 1980s when ANAFI (Associazione Nazionale del Fumetto e dell’Illustrazione - National Association of Comics and Illustration) published the work under the title “Il segno di Alan” (T.N. “Alan’s Sign”) using the same format as that of the 1948 comic.