April e il fantasma (1949)

Texts by Mario Faustinelli and Hugo Pratt

Drawings by Hugo Pratt (pencil) and Mario Faustinelli (inking)

This single story came out over 5 issues in the third series of the Albi Uragano comic book and remained unfinished because the magazine
folded T.N. “April and the Ghost”.

April is a young student at the “Muratti College” on her way to a campsite near Killando Lake when she meets Taffy, a strange young man who gives her a lift in his beat up convertible, which breaks down shortly afterwards. A sudden storm forces the two young people to seek shelter in an old, seemingly abandoned, millhouse. In reality it is inhabited by Count Honoré de Foucauld, a ghost from the eighteenth century, who appears to April (and later to Taffy) dressed in period clothes. This surreal story is filled with enjoyable touches of humor and is important as it highlights the remarkable versatility of the authors.