L’assalto al forte (1963)

Texts by Alberto Ongaro

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This single story is made up of 8 panels that came out in “Corriere dei Piccoli” issue 15 (April, 1970), edizioni Corsera.

In August 1760, Fort Detroit, which is in the hands of the British, is besieged by the Ottawa Indians, allies of the French, despite the fact that the Anglo-French war in those areas is over. The commander of the fort sends his most able and trusted guide, the native Indian Ducke Crown, to call for aid and reinforcements from Fort Niagara, that lies many hours away on foot and must be reached through an area full of the Ottawa. Crown is about to perish at the hands of an Indian when Michel Renard, a Frenchman who abhors war, intervenes to save him. Crown continues his march and finally reaches Fort Niagara where aid and ammunition are provided and brought back on a brig by Crown himself who delivers them to his commander in order to thwart the assault on Fort Detroit. Note: This short story that was published on “Corriere dei Piccoli” in 1970, had certainly been prepared by Pratt many years earlier as at that date he was no longer on the staff of the magazine. However, the exact date when it was produced is uncertain (it is presumed to be 1963) and the reasons for the delay in its publication remain unexplained.