Asso di picche (1945)

Texts by Mario Faustinelli and Alberto Ongaro

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

There are 19 episodes in the series

Pratt’s debut in the world of comics was with a first work clearly inspired by the great American master Milton Caniff. Part Batman and part Phantom, the Asso di Picche (T.N. Ace of Spades) is an avenger in tights who fights a myriad of criminal organizations while surrounded by an aura of mystery and determination. He uses a secret identity in everyday life (the journalist Gary Peters) and moves in an environment that has a wealth of well-defined characters, including Deanna Farell, the classic girlfriend that needs saving. He’s put in many a tight squeeze by worthy antagonists such as the Band of the Panthers, Lady Bakelore (alias the beautiful and dangerous Mou-Lang), the Club of Five, Lady Z, as well as a group of Nazi survivors from the Second World War. Note: All the episodes (apart from the last) first appeared in the Albi Uragano comic book. Following the folding of this comic magazine, the 19th episode entitled “La morte degli Dei” (T.N.The Death of the Gods), which had actually been created in 1949, had to wait until 1974 to be published on issue 37 of the comic “Sgt. Kirk” and with the second page missing. This comic page was later found by the publisher Florenzo Ivaldi, and came out in 1986 in issue 50 of the same magazine.