Le avventure di Billy James (1962)

Texts by Mino Milani

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This single story appeared in “Corriere dei Piccoli” from issue 45 (November, 1962), edizioni Corsera-F.lli Crespi.

This is the first work of Pratt, who had recently returned from Argentina, for this weekly comic book. Following the experience gained while preparing Wheeling, Pratt himself had asked the writer Mino Milani to write a story with similar themes. What came out was this story with the protagonist Billy James, young hunter who goes to the village of Sequawanna, located on the St. Patrick River, to sell his furs along with other trappers in the area from Hudson Bay. The action is made more exciting thanks to the presence of the British and French soldiers who are busy fighting each other, as well as the Crown Indians, who move against background scenery of woods, forests and large lakes where their canoes glide swiftly and silently.