Un cuore Garibaldino (1992)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt
(collaboration on artwork of war vehicles by Guido Fuga)

This work was commissioned by the PSI (Partito Socialista Italiano – Italian Socialist Party) to celebrate the centenary of its foundation.
This single story comprises 49 pages and appeared in the quality hardcover volume “Un cuore garibaldino”
 (April, 1992), issued by the “Comitato per le manifestazioni del centenario del PSI” (T.N. The Committee for 
the celebrations of the Centenary of the Italian Socialist Party).
The story is also known under the title “Un pallido sole primaverile” (T.N.“A pale Spring Sun”).

This extraordinary story in pictures is based on real events that occurred towards the end of the Second World War (April 1945) in the Comacchio valley, in an area where a hundred years earlier Giuseppe Garibaldi and his partner Anita had sought refuge. The protagonist William (Bill) Fogg, a British officer with relatives in Romagna, recalls his thwarted love (Anita Bonelli). Coming from a socialist background and having previously studied in Italy, Fogg returns to the lagoon of Comacchio from England to take part with the Italian partisans in one of the last war actions against the Germans who, in the final death throes before defeat, had incorporated a Russian combat unit of Uzbeks and Turkmen in their ranks. Pratt describes not only the clash of war but also the ideological wall that divided the communist from the socialist partisans, a thin red line that would break after the end of the war.