Dark Judgement (1961)

Texts by Donne Avenell

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This story appeared in “War Picture Library” issue 92 (April, 1961), Fleetway Publications Ltd.

This story mixes suspicions, doubts and ambiguous situations in an aura of extreme uncertainty. In August 1942, Lieutenant Richard Hasler of the Royal Navy and able seaman Sam Turner escape from a prison camp on the island of Rhodes, under German occupation. After being picked up by a fishing-boat that takes them back to their base in Cyprus, Lieutenant Hasler gives Major Perry important news about a secret enemy base of which the British high command is completely unaware. But the Major harbors serious doubts about the veracity of the news, believing it to be a trap. Hasler is surrounded by mistrust because he has a German surname and is fluent in the language. It will take all Major Perry’s skill to reveal the real traitor, Sam Turner who had joined Hasler in the escape and was seemingly above suspicion.