George e Arabella (1986)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt
(collaboration on artwork of settings by Lele Vianello)

This series comprises 4 episodes (8 pages each) 
which appeared in the in-house, semi-annual magazine “Extra’s News”, distributed exclusively to customers
of the chain-store “Ragazzeria”, published by Promoclub from issue 3 (Spring / Summer 1987).

In this mini-series characters pass through a mirror to and from the present into a period in the nineteenth century. Arabella is from the present-day while George lives in the nineteenth century and the two can meet together by passing through the mirror and thus discover each other’s historical period. Note: Some believe that this series was produced in 1987, confusing the production date with that of the first publication of Episode 1. Actually Pratt created it in 1986, as we have indicated here, and it was published a year later (due to the fact that publication times were long as the magazine only came out twice a year).