Los Heroes siempre regresan (1965)

Texts by Gonzalo Hernandez

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This is a single story comprising 11 comic pages 
that appeared in the Argentine publication “Album
de el Tony” issue 92 (January, 1965), editorial Colomba.

During the Korean war Captain Alan Weston, a member of army intelligence is sent on a mission to the front to find the traitor who is sending information on US troop movements to the enemy. A brief investigation enables him to identify Lieutenant Rogers, his friend and colleague, as the guilty party; the Lieutenant sacrifices his life during combat after revealing that he was forced into this situation because his wife had been kidnapped by Korean communists. Note: This work remained unknown for many years and was only recently discovered by the Argentine scholar Guillermo Parker. The magazine “Fumetto” issue 53 of March 2005, produced by ANAFI (Associazione Nazionale del Fumetto e dell’Illustrazione - National Association of Comics and Illustration) published it for the first time in Europe.