Indian River (1948)

Texts by Mario Faustinelli and Hugo Pratt

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This is a single story that appeared in the second and third series of the Albi Uragano comic and remained incomplete due to the folding of the magazine.

The character of Hiram marks a return to a theme much loved by Pratt: the Franco-English colonial wars that were fought in North America in the mid-1700s. In the introduction, signed “H. Pratt”, the reader is informed that the protagonist of this adventure is called Hiram Pratt and is, to all intents and purposes, a direct ancestor of his. Although this connection is purely the fruit of the author’s (or rather, co-author as regards the texts) imagination the device is effective in rendering the story extremely realistic with beautiful scenes depicting the battles between the colonists and the Mohican, Huron and Honeida Indians. Note: The first time it was published in the Albi Uragano comic the last panel clearly showed the word “continua” (to be continued). This work was taken up again in another two publications (Mani in Alto, edizioni Audace, 1950 and Collana Arco-Big Davy, edizioni Audace, 1957) and in both cases the caption was replaced with the word “Fine” (the end) in the last panel, so that it seemed this was the conclusion of the story. The publisher Florenzo Ivaldi, rectified this in issue 3 of his comic “Sgt. Kirk” in September 1967 when he republished “Indian River” with Pratt’s original captions and with neither “continua” (N.T, “to be continued”) nor the completely arbitrary “Fine” at the end of the last panel.