L’isola del tesoro (1965)

Texts by Mino Milani

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This abridgement and adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s masterpiece “Treasure Island” appeared 
in “Corriere dei Piccoli” from issue 41 (October, 1965), edizioni Corsera-F.lli Crespi.

This most famous novel of the adventure genre is beautifully rendered by Pratt’s graphics: from the very first scene at the “Admiral Benbow Inn”, to the unedifying tavern where Jim Hawkins lives with his mother, the reader is treated to the most unforgettable images. Although regarded as a formative book, the novel has elements which are unusual in books of this kind and Pratt’s great merit is that he fully perceived the spirit of the work. The outcome of his critical consideration are the images of Long John Silver, Dr. Livesey, the crew of the Hispaniola, the castaway Ben Gunn and, of course, young Jim himself. When you read this comic book it is easy to detect that Pratt’ sympathies were often with Long Silver’s pirates who are treated with great indulgence.