Junglemen (1949)

Texts by Alberto Ongaro

Drawings by Hugo Pratt from the 26th page (the first 25 were by Dino Battaglia)

This very long series comprised 250 comic pages that originally came out in 5 issues of the third series of the Albi Uragano comic books with drawings by Dino Battaglia
 for the first 25 pages, but was interrupted when the magazine folded.

The Junglemen, or “Gli uomini della jungla” as this choral novel created with images was originally entitled, are the members of a varied and rugged police force that represents law and order in exotic and faraway areas of Oceania (Eastern New Guinea and New Caledonia). This rather unusual police force is in some ways reminiscent of the famous Foreign Legion, albeit with the required adjustments. In addition to the backdrop of distant, unknown places, the distinguishing features of this lengthy adventure saga are the fast pace of the action that is accompanied by a convincing and careful exploration of the characters’ psychology. This rich kaleidoscope of multi-faceted elements brings to the fore a number of well-developed characters such as El Muerto, David Foran, Dolman, Alberta, and Manolo. Note: While it is true that Dino Battaglia was the creator of the first graphics of the series in the Albi Uragano comics, there is no doubt that all the credit for the series’ development and evolution must go to Hugo Pratt, who took it up again on the Argentine weekly “Salgari” from issue 121 of October 1949 and then continued on the magazine “Cinemisterio” to then finally bring the series to a close in 1963 in the weekly magazine “Misterix”.