Legion Extranjera (1954)

Texts by Alberto Ongaro

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This series had over 500 strips published on the Argentine weekly “Rayo Rojo” (strip format), from issue 226
 (February, 1954), editorial Abril.

The story takes place in the desert in French Equatorial Africa at the beginning of the last century and the protagonist (actually, one of the many) is the young legionnaire Less Crown. Less must watch out not only for the enemy, but also for the sadistic sergeant Croft, a character practically lifted from one of the most famous films about the Foreign Legion, “Beau Geste”. Set among fortresses lost in the desert and Arab caravans loaded with weapons, a classic kidnapping is perpetrated: the young Denise, daughter of the fort’s commander Captain Dumont, is carried away by a Tuareg band that demand a reward. Needless to say, in the end the legionnaire Less manages to marry the beautiful Denise, with the permission and blessing of the Legion. Note: This work, which is practically unknown in Italy, was published for the first time in Italian in 2006 by ANAFI (Associazione Nazionale Amici del Fumetto e dell’Illustrazione - National Association of Comics and Illustration) in the volume “Magica America” edited by Gianni Brunoro and Roberto Reali.