Luck Star O’Hara (1964)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt

This is a single story comprising 8 pages that appeared in the Argentine weekly “Misterix” issue 808 (May, 1964).

This brief self-contained detective story is practically an ideal continuation to the Sloogan e i piani scomparsi that was produced at the outset of the author’s career. In an unspecified American city somewhere around Queens, as the opening captions tell us, there is a small police unit made up of Captain O’Sullivan, Sergeant O’Malley, O’Connor who looks after the paperwork and Lieutenant O’Hara who, thanks to his enviable intuition, manages to resolve a rather complex case. Pratt gives his main character a slang that ranges from comic to grotesque. Note: Until a few years ago this work was mistakenly accredited to the Genoese period and its first publication was thought to have been on the magazine “Sgt. Kirk” issue 14 of August 1968; this erroneous idea was based on an interview by Dominique Petitfaux reported in his book “All’ombra di Corto” (edizioni Rizzoli-Milano Libri, September 1992, pag. 60) and supported by Pratt himself.