Lobo Conrad (1958)

Texts by Héctor G. Oesterheld

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This single story in 6 pages appeared in the Argentine magazine “Hora Cero Semanal” issue 22 (January, 1958), editorial Frontera.

In the snowy wastes of Canada a lonely bandit moves around, terrorizing the area by robbing and killing unwary travellers. He has been nicknamed “Lobo” because he is as wily as a wolf, and like a wolf he cannot be caught. The Mounted Police of Fort Dawson fear him too: nobody wants to venture out to hunt him down. So in order to save appearances the task is assigned to the latest recruit who is sent off with orders to return immediately if he finds no traces. Instead the young Lem Conrad manages to accomplish the task, helped by Lobo himself who lets himself be killed after realising that Lem is his son. So Lem is given the name “Lobo Conrad” in recognition for his killing of the bandit.