Morgan (1994)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt
(collaboration on artwork of the technical machinery and backgrounds
of Venice by Guido Fuga)

This single story comprises 78 comic pages serialized
in the magazine “Eternauta & Comic Art” from issue 131 (September, 1995), edizioni Comic Art.

Set in various places around the Adriatic (from Apulia to Yugoslavia and finally in Venice), the adventure starts immediately after the armistice of 8 September 1943 (Badoglio Proclamation) and unfolds over almost a year. The protagonist is Morgan, a young officer of the Royal Navy in charge of a number of war missions that he considers minor and of little worth. His commanders, however, think differently and rightly appreciate his decisive and daring actions that have always been successfully completed. Of these there was one particularly successful mission carried out together with Eveline Cunningham, a courageous army auxiliary: one night the two attack a German position by bombarding it from above from a hot air balloon. Morgan considers the task of travelling to Venice in the company of Angelo Cilento, the Maltese chief engineer with whom he had previously completed a mission to eliminate a dangerous spy, as decidedly less heroic. Morgan thus kills agent B-0015 in a cynical and brutal way; but she turns out to be the Duchess Valeria Bastico who had saved his life a long time before. This classic story set against the backdrop of war contained a hint of amorous passion and introduced a character with potential for the future if such a possibility had not been dashed by Pratt’s death. Note: Pratt produced the first part of this adventure that was to be the last, while in hospital for the first time in November 1994. He went back to working on it months later and concluded it in June 1995. It was published posthumously.