L’ombra (1964)

Texts by Alberto Ongaro

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This series comprises 5 episodes that came out
on “Corriere dei Piccoli” from issue 26 (June, 1964), edizioni Corsera-F.lli Crespi.

At first sight this character may remind us of the early Asso di Picche. More careful observation, however, shows that “Ombra” (the Shadow) is a much more mature figure both in regards to the graphic movement and the contents. However, some similarities with his predecessor remain such as the dual personality and the presence of a right-hand man, Wu. Technology bursts upon the scene in this series, although of course limited to what was known in the 1960s. L’Ombra is put to the test in combatting mechanical toys, robots and other weird gadgets but in certain adventures he is aided by the black panther Lorna. His enemy's character's are well-defined, for example the mad megalomaniacs of the General, the Admiral and the Supreme who all share an unquenchable desire to dominate the World.