Pathfinder (1960)

Texts by E. Evans & Alf Wallace

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This story appeared in “War Picture Library” issue 40 (March, 1960), Fleetway Publications Ltd.

In 1941 Great Britain incorporated the Royal Australian Air Force into its own air forces in the British airbases. This is how Henri Le Jeune begins piloting a Spitfire, but his style is rather unusual for the British: he is too brash, impetuous and reckless. After several telling-offs from his superiors he is entrusted with a large bomber, the De Havilland DH98, generally used for indicating the target (hence, Pathfinder) but which Le Jeune continues to fly like a fighter plane. Ultimately, a daring and courageous war action earns him the gratitude of his commanders and his crew.