Sandokan (1964)

Texts by Mino Milani

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This long and intricate story came out in May 2009 
in the oblong hardback volume published by Rizzoli Lizard. A coloured panel to launch the strip was published
 on “Corriere dei Piccoli” issue 6/7 (February 14, 1971) but was not followed up.

While Pratt was working with “Corriere dei Piccoli” he prepared an abridged story in comic format of the famous work by Salgari, The Pirates of Malaysia, with texts and dialogues by Mino Milani. Their version was quite faithful to the original with Sandokan, Yanez and Tremal-Naik as protagonists. The disappearance of this artwork – about thirty pieces - generated quite a sensation; the mystery lasted for over four decades and was solved by Alfredo Castelli only in 2009. In fact, Castelli explains how they were rediscovered in the preface to the volume published by Rizzoli Lizard. The date when the work was actually started is, however, still uncertain. Castelli places it in 1969, but this seems unlikely because at that time Pratt had no longer been among the staff of the magazine for two years. It is more probable therefore that they started working on the project much earlier, at least in 1964. It should be noted that the artwork found by Castelli was not the original but photocopies. Hence, the mystery still remains as to what happened to the original drawings.