Silver Pan (1947)

Texts by Mario Faustinelli and Hugo Pratt

Drawings by Hugo Pratt (pencil)
and Mario Faustinelli (inking)

This is a single story entitled “Il lago solitario” – The Lonely Lake, divided into seven parts that appeared in the first seven issues of the second series of the Albi Uragano comic magazine.

Set in the snow-covered expanses of Canada, where people met up to buy and sell furs, around the forts of the “Canadian Mounties”, the adventure stars Silver-Pan at grips with the Indian tribes of the Algonquin and Iroquois. The protagonist is a strong young man who is searching for a small Indian girl who has been entrusted with a secret linked to an ancient legend. The story, which is unfinished, is an example of one of the unpretentious “fillers” that were useful in padding out the Albi Uragano comic books.