Storia di uomini a sei zampe (1995)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt

Storyboard for a comic book commissioned by Agip Petroli. The first 4 colored panels and 3 black and white panels were published on the magazine NIA (Notiziario Interno Agip- Agip in-house magazine) issue 117 (September, 1996).

This is the last work on a comic book created by Pratt before his death. This is the start of a story that was to narrate the events experienced by the “Agip Men” and their discoveries in over 70 years. Pratt had already begun to sketch a broad outline for the sequence of episodes and was preparing the storyboard for the first. The author's idea was to start from way back, from Biblical times, when already there were known to be outcrops of bitumen on the earth’s surface to which the ancients attributed healing powers. Agip published this posthumously a year after his death.