Corto Maltese (1967)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt

This series comprises 29 episodes.

Corto Maltese was born in La Valletta, on the island of Malta, on 10 July 1887. His mother is an Andalusian gypsy, called Niña di Gibraltar, a very beautiful woman who posed for the artist Ingres. His father is an English sailor from Cornwall. He wears an earring in his left ear, a custom in the English merchant navy that went back some time. The character is the personification of the hero (more than an anti-hero) free-spirited, disenchanted, slightly sarcastic and fatalistic, with a romantic touch of times past. He is loved by women, respected by his adversaries, and values friendship strongly. In the course of his many adventures there often emerges a basic skepticism towards nationalistic, ideological and religious beliefs.