The big arena (1962)

Texts by A. Carney Allan

Drawings by Hugo Pratt

This story appeared in “War Picture Library” issue 133 (February, 1962), Fleetway Publications Ltd.

The actions of the Australian 92nd battalion fighting with the allied troops in the War in North Africa have become legendary. The two most representative soldiers in the corps are, perhaps, Lofty Lucas and Chub Doolan, two daredevils that despite their indiscipline and blatant cheating are almost always forgiven by their commanders thanks to the value of the courage and cunning they show when carrying out their assignments. They are masters at eliminating the powerful Panzer IVs when working together, but they also risk going to prison for taking leave without permission. At the end they are sentenced to 14 days in prison, but also awarded a medal for their valor.