2 March 2016

Wheeling – eBook

The Wheeling ebooks, available in a new English translation on iTunes, follow soon after The Scorpions of the Desert by Hugo Pratt, Cong Editions debut in e-publishing in 2015.
Created in the 60s, Wheeling is one of the most enchanting stories by Hugo Pratt, appearing a few years before the birth of his main character Corto Maltese.
Set during the War of Independence, the story features the wars between Natives Americans and the British colonies. But Wheeling is also a story of friendship, liaisons and separations, like that of the two protagonists: Criss Kenton and Patrick Fitzgerald.

Hugo Pratt Wheeling

Hugo Pratt and Patricia Frawley at Wheeling with the mayor, 1972

Wheeling is considered a masterpiece in the world of the comic art because of its compelling illustrations and the stunning details which arises from Pratt’s huge passion and thorough research. This work characterizes the substantial artistic and literary gifts that made Hugo Pratt so notable.
A little tidbit: thanks to this book Pratt was made honorary citizen of the town of Wheeling, West Virginia in 1972.

Wheeling - Acquerello originale

Wheeling – Original watercolor


e-Book – Wheeling

Copertina eBook Wheeling CompletoWheeling – Complete

This is Hugo Pratt’s first great masterpiece, in terms of the compelling art and subject matter, which deals with the colonial wars in North America in the eighteenth century between the pioneers, the Native Americans, and the interfering interests of the French and English who had posted soldiers on the continent. The work is in the great tradition of the adventure narrative. Pratt puts his considerable historical knowledge to good use, creating a narrative tapestry of great pathos and including many actual historical figures, as the tormented and pock-marked Indian-killer, Lew Wetzel, the renegade white man, Simon Girty (to whom Pratt gave his own face), the rough but honest Ebenezer Zane, who founded Wheeling, West Virginia, Daniel Boone, one of the most daring pioneers of the time, Lord Dunmore, governor of Virginia, and Madame Montour, interpreter and agent of the Indian Department. This saga always occupied a special place in Pratt’s affections, to the extent that he went back to it throughout his life, refining and perfecting it. Wheeling was ultimately completed a year before his death.

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Copertina eBook Wheeling 1

Wheeling – Vol. 1

1774. Criss Kenton, a young man of 17 on the run from Virginia after the Indians killed his family , and Patrick Fitzgerald, an English aristocrat who has emigrated to America, become friends during the various military expeditions against Indians tribes. On one of these expeditions they meet Mohena, a girl raised by the Shawnees. Over the course of many adventures the friendship between Criss and Pat grows stronger, but soon the War of Independence starts and the two friends are in the opposing camps. An epic story of friendship and loyalty, Wheeling offers a sweeping view of history, as many of the characters and events are real. Hugo Pratt has said that, ” In Wheeling, as in other stories, I try to imagine something that could have actually happened in a specific historical time and place. But sometimes truth is more surprising that imagination.”

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Copertina eBook Wheeling 2

Wheeling – Vol. 2

In this second episode, Mohena and Criss are on their way to Wheeling. But the Revolution is in a crucial phase and Criss has to embark on a new mission, He is forced to leave Mohena alone again. Spying for the American cause will not be easy and Criss will have to rely on his old friends to have any chance of success. We are quickly drawn into this new chapter in the wars and in Criss’ life. In 1978, Yves Marchal of Media Animation observed that , “Pratt’s graphic novels are not meant to be read little by little. If you did that, you would lose half, or even more, of the richness of these books because what makes Pratt’s art unique is the ambience, enlivened through the style of his drawings. The work is a rhapsody of contrasts, of light and shadow, in which you are gradually immersed. This author does not give us just a story : he gestures towards a universe.»

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