5 November 2018

Corto Maltese – Tango

Corto Maltese – Tango

Available on 6th November, 2018

“I’m not one to judge, i just know that i have an innate dislike of censors, arbitrators… but mainly, it’s the redeemers that bother me the most.”
– Corto Maltese

Along with the South Seas, the sands of East Africa, and the calli of Venice, Buenos Aires is a key location in Pratt’s geography. Here, throughout his twenties, Hugo drew for various publications. And lost in the Argentinian nights is the memory of a youthful Corto passing through. Now mature, he comes back to try and discover something more about the death of a dear friend of his.

Aware of the risks, this woman was investigating a notorious prostitution ring involving economic and power interests in a fatal dance: a tango that envelops, seduces, and kills.

Publisher: Rizzoli Lizard
64 in black and white pages
ISBN: 9788817105743
Format: 21×28 – Bound
Language: Italian
Euro: 22,00

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