The history

From 1950 to today, a universe of characters, stories, encounters, passages and landscapes born from the creative flair, bibliographic research and the unique trait of Hugo Pratt
Non solo Corto
Below you will find the stories and books drawn and scripted by Pratt during a long and adventurous career. To get to know Corto Maltese you can go to the dedicated section and find out everything the sailor has to tell
Drawn literature
With Pratt, the comic strip become art: enriched by cross-pollination and depth as never before and drawing a line that is not merely graphic, compelling those who came after to compare themselves with him. Literary quotations, historical references, and multi-voiced interpretations make Pratt’s works always subject to a second interpretation. He overturned stereotypes and, throughout his long career as a draughtsman and scriptwriter, he accompanied us on a discovery of what he himself defined as drawn literature.