Watercolours and

Graphic signs and
color strokes

Pratt says he will tell a whole of story with a single gesture, an impercettibile wink. And I believe it.


Illustratore, fumettista, artista

“There was a lot of hidden experimentation in Prattian classicism and a lot of hidden classicism in Moebiusian experimentation. The search was always for essentiality. The essence. In the concrete world we could call it the horizon line. (…) Alongside the great authors, but also the mid-range authors, of popular comics as well as of art comics, history is in the mark. With Hugo Pratt – who was also a great story teller – this is definitely the case. And for this reason, unlike very few others, he has left his mark.”
Francesco Boille

The world in one

In Pratt's works, the graphic line and the sense of space become content. Poetic, humanistic, ethical, political.

La poesia è sintetica e procede per immagini. Quando leggo, queste immagini le vedo, le sento epidermicamente. Dietro la poesia si nasconde una profondità che capto quasi istantaneamente

Hugo Pratt

Conversazioni con Hugo Pratt, Tandem

The travelling

Hugo Pratt had the ability to merge reality and fiction, in an unbroken thread of words and images accompanied by the strength of his mark, such that it is impossible to recognise the boundary between imagination and real, documented historical facts. And behind each panel there is a creative journey, inspired by the world he has lived in and the world he has imagined, by literary characters or the encounters of a night or a life. As you scroll through the images, try to imagine the sounds of Hugo Pratt and the sound of the Venetian dialect. And feel the smell of the Ocean and its physicality which, as Thierry Thomas says in “Life is a sign”, was able to occupy all the space around it.