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In October 1983 Hugo Pratt, artist, cartoonist, watercolorist and writer created CONG SA. 
The Cong company is currently very active in the management and promotion of the entire art estate of Hugo Pratt, in addition to his most famous character. Books that have been out of print have been reprinted in recent years, such as Fanfulla, Captain Cormorant, and Billy James. Cong has recently published works that were previously unpublished, such as Sandakan, or previously self-published, such as Tuttifumetti (all- of-the-comics), a catalogue of the complete Pratt’s works. Most recently, Cong has edited The Long Range Desert Group series with new coloring.  Cong SA rights management covers publishing, merchandising, media and exhibits of the Pratt works. Corto Maltese is an international copyright. The name and signature of Hugo Pratt is Trademark. ©CONG SA legally covers the works of Pratt and everything derived from it.   

Cong SA

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Patrizia Zanotti


Managing director

Born in Argentina, Patrizia started working with Hugo Pratt at the age of 17, in 1979. She began as a colorist for Pratt’s comics, and then went on to manage dealings with various publishers. She also was involved in the graphic design and editing of Pratt’s books and eventually came to oversee his international exhibitions, including shows in Buenos Aires, Paris, Venice, Milan, Rome, Siena and Lugano. She travelled with Pratt on many business trips throughout Europe and North America for a RAI TV feature, and to the Pacific for the Thalassa show for French TV, as well as other locations over the course of 17 years. In 1994, she partnered with Pratt to create the Italian publishing company Lizard Edizioni and thanks to her knowledge of the Pratt works, Patrizia has managed and led CONG since 1995. 

Graziella Lacidogna


Marketing & Licensing Director

Graziella was born into a Southern Italian family in Switzerland and she has been working at Cong since 1990. Graziella started as Hugo Pratt’s personal secretary and she occasionally accompanied him on business trips to conventions or book presentations. Since 1995 she has been part of the management of the company and in 2009 became Marketing & Licensing Director. She is principally in charge of the administration and contracting for editorial, merchandising and media projects. 

Nadège Vaïnas


Exhibition Director

Born in Paris, Nadege worked in the tourist field for many years before joining Patrizia Zanotti in the development of Lizard Publishing in Rome and eventually became the managing director of the company. In the 90s she met Hugo Pratt and went to his Swiss residence to collaborate on a number of editorial projects and exhibits. Today, Nadege is an important member of the Cong team and oversees public events and exhibition projects. 

Fabrizio Paladini


Media & Public relations

Born in Rome, Fabrizio is journalist who first met Hugo Pratt in Lausanne when interviewing him for Il Messaggero newspaper in 1989. Supposed to speak with him for an hour, he ended up staying for three days talking about wine, food, women, cinema, music, travel and literature. From there a beautiful friendship was born. Editing all Pratt’s works commissioned by Il Messaggero between 1989 and 1992; after Pratt’s death, he continued to collaborate with Patrizia Zanotti and Cong on articles, contributions, communication and media relations.

Paco Linares


Spain Social media manager

Paco Linares was born in Alicante, Spain. He holds a university degree in History and a Master’s in Contemporary Art Museology. He works as a cultural operator, art critic, and curator of independent exhibitions. As a theorist of the comic strip, he has developed a number of projects, including the noteworthy “Hugo Pratt and Corto Maltese: Intersecting Itineraries” for the University of Alicante. He is also the director of the project “Cartoon Days in Alicante,” and recently coordinated “The Sea in Comics, Theoretical Days.” In the Cong company, thanks to his experience in the field, he is in charge of the editorial promotion of new editions of Corto Maltese ebooks in Spanish as well as the development of new projects relating to the stories of the sailor from Malta. He has been a member of the Association of Art Critics of Valenza since 2012. 

Cecilia Gasparini


Translation expert in English and French

Livia Gasparini



Native Italian, English and French speaker, she also speaks perfect Spanish. Following several internships at Cong Sa for three periods from 2017 to 2019, and a two-year work experience program in New York at Laura Davidson Public Relations, she joined Cong Sa in June 2021 as editorial assistant and copywriter.


Pratt loved to have fun with serious things, even with the name of his company
The origin of "Cong"
Pratt si ricordava gli altisonanti nomi delle società americane come la King Feature Syndicate, quella fondata da William Randolph Hearst e di quando venne scritta la storia autobiografica della compagnia, King News nel 1941. As he pondered the name of a company that could manage all of his works, he recalled the bombastic names of American companies like King Features Syndicate, founded by William Randolph Hearstin 1941. From World War II onwards, King Features dominated the comics market and brought Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake to Europe, among many others. Thus, Pratt invented the Comics Organization News Gold, a name which reflected the various facets of the Pratt works – the comics themselves, the organization that had sprung up around them, news and gold, indicating treasures to search for, or perhaps connoting the Gold Vanity, the Corto Maltese ketch.
The history
In 1987, on April 24th, Pratt signed over the property and use of the rights for all of his works, past and future to CONG SA. Pratt wanted Cong, his own “syndicate”, to manage everything to do with his creations, and that is why he gave total control of his works to Cong. Pratt passed away on August 20th 1995, but the core mission of the company he founded remains the same. Cong SA is dedicated to promoting the “Corto Maltese” brand, increasing the public’s familiarity with the high artistic value of the complete Hugo Pratt oeuvre, and finally to reaffirming the significance that Corto Maltese himself has always represented for a large group of fans, travellers, writers, photographers, artists or “mere” dreamers.