27 September 2018



Available from October, 2018

“I’m thinking that i should decide to leave. Every time i come to Venice i get lazy.”

– Corto Maltese

Not even this time will Corto be able to rest. His stay in Venice, in fact, lasts the space of an illustrated panel. We just have to turn the page to find him catapulted all the way to Hong Kong, smack in the middle of an international intrigue that involves a czarist admiral, a  bloodthirsty baron, a Chinese secret society, and a train loaded with gold.

Like drunken dancers, the characters in this tale dance without taking even one step in unison: each goes his own way, stepping on the others’ toes; meanwhile, Corto is a sardonic witness to the sad spectacle of human greed.

Publisher: Rizzoli Lizard

112 in black and white pages

ISBN : 9788817105705

Format: 21×28 – Bound

Language: Italian

Euro: 25,00

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