Capitan Cormorant (1962)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt for episode 1 (27 pages) and partially for episode 2 (12 pages) after which Stelio Fenzo took over.

This series came out on the Argentine weekly “Misterix” from issue 689 (January, 1962), editorial Yago.

Although Pratt developed Capitan Cormorant (known as Capitan Moko in Italian) only over one and a half chapters, in this space he created the world of the Southern Seas that he would later develop in The Ballad of the Salt Sea. It is here that the canoes, the seagulls, the huge Pacific waves and the palm-trees on the beaches appear almost as if this were a preliminary draft for the later work. Above all, the characters appear here first, from Cormorant, with his love of life and sense of justice, to Taro, whose tattoos appear some years ahead of Tarao in The Ballad of the Salt Sea who has similar marks on his face and body, but lastly Randolph Light, son of a “good” family who undertakes a journey of initiation.