l’uomo dei Caraibi (1976)

Texts and drawings by Hugo Pratt

This single story comprising 48 comic pages appeared 
in the volume “Sven” collection “Pif édition du Kangourou” (September, 1976), special issue, Editions Vaillant.

The fundamental themes of betrayal and revenge are explored in this adventure story as Swend, a Danish sailor who owns a motor-boat flying the British flag carries two clients to the Lesser Antilles of Jamaica. The clients are Barnaba Moretto, a bank robber travelling incognito and Bon Bon, a black girl who keeps him company. During the voyage, Swend draws alongside a vessel that has hoisted a signal for help, and whose occupants claim that their radio transmitter is not working. When they board Swend’s boat to make use of his radio they reveal that they are members of a revolutionary group led by “Pelle Nera”. The whole plan was set up by Bon Bon to rob Moretto. But much later Bon Bon will also betray “Pelle Nera” himself. She will not, however, get the chance to enjoy the fruits of her betrayal as she is killed by Moretto who sees through his revenge. The time period may be presumed to be 1960 based on a watercolor of Swend painted by Pratt. Note: In this story, which was produced over six years, it is easy to identify three distinct graphic styles that may be explained by the frequent interruptions to this work caused by other commitments.